Working on graduate thesis

Working on graduate thesis

Students who fulfills all prerequisites and passed all the exams determined by the appropriate study program of undergraduate studies, gains the right to defends his thesis. Application Procedure and defense includes the following:

1. Student can apply the theme of thesis only after passing all the exams from the curriculum, ending with examinations of the seventh semester.

2. After you choose a mentor to him and agreed topic, student submits an application to the Dean Student Affairs for approval of thesis topics.

3. The Dean is obliged to make a statement about Application within 8 days of receipt of same.

4. If the theme is approved, the student can access their graduation projects. Thesis must be in A4 format and contain at least 30 pages. The student has the right to choose whether to work in the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. Instructions for writing the final paper can be downloaded here, and an example of the home page of thesis here. The library can be viewed specimens already defended the works or on this page.

5. Because of the specifics of the study program exceptions are graduate students’ theses of the Department of Design and Graphics in which the mentor is left that in each case determined by the design and format of work. It is not necessary hard covering.

6. The Defence of thesis can be held not earlier than 7 days from the date of the last passing the exam.

7. Conditions for reporting defense of the thesis are:

- Student is obliged to, not later than 7 days prior to the defense of labor, delivery Student Services 5 hardback identical copies of thesis and one copy in electronic format (CD / DVD)
- That the student has fulfilled all financial obligations to the University,
- That has no debt to the library, and
- Have passed all the exams from the curriculum.