Students work and projects

Students work and projects

Over the past years, in addition to numerous seminar, diploma and master works, students Slobomir P University are working on High-quality projects. Some of them we present below.

Student of SPU won the award of  the Central Bank BiH


Danijela Maksimovic

The professional work of student at Slobomir P University, Daniela Maksimovic, according to the decision of the Expert Commission of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been ranked among the top three in the country.
Danijela Maksimovic, a former student at the Faculty of Economics and Management Slobomir University and currently a teachin assistent at Faculty of Economics and Management of our University, won the third prize in the open competition for the best student research papers in the field of monetary policy and central banking, which was announced by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina . “the advantages and disadvantages of the currency board in the way of joining the EMU and eventual exit strategies” is the thesis of our student, who was among a number of works from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina Education Commission of the Central Bank chose among the three best papers.

The right to apply had the senior students at the undergraduate and postgraduate studies faculties of economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In accordance with professional protocol, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina has accepted the only original work of the author, who when sending signed statements of work and thus potrvđivali that is exclusively copyrighted work that has not been previously published, and that it is not considered nor in another publication for publication.

The award ceremony was organized on 22 November 2012 during a conference entitled “Living in the Neighbourhood of the Euro Area”, in the premises of the Central Bank.

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Slobomir P Univerzitet - Projekat za McDonalds 1PROJECT “POSSIBILITY OF OPENING McDonalds restaurant in BH”

A group of students of Slobomir P University in 2009 as part of the “Center for Business Learning Slobomir P University – CPO” analyzed the possibility of opening a McDonalds restaurant in BiH. CPO task team was to within 16 weeks answer the question whether, in general, is justified (profitable) and where (which locations) to open a McDonald’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Team members were aware of the challenge which was in front of them and from the very beginning they started in a very serious research and creative work.


Students at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University Slobomir P during the first semester of the academic 2004/2005. were working on a joint project with the students of final year University of Washington- Bothell from the US. The project consisted of a strategic analysis of eight companies from the Serbian Republic, Bosnia and finding solutions to revitalize their business. The final phase of the project was implemented very successfuly presentations of common solutions in Seattle (USA) from 4th to 14th December 2004 in Slobomir and Doboj from 15 to 20 December 2004.

TEMPUS projct

Slobomir P University has been a part of important project InMusWB since 2011, whose full title is “The introduction of interdisciplinary music studies in the Western Balkans in accordance with the European perspective”. The role of the Academy of Arts of Slobomir P University in this project implies the improvement of the existing General music pedagogy study program (BA and MA studies), the preparation of the feasibility study for the new PhD study program at the General music pedagogy department, teacher training, printing and publishing books and manuals, providing video and phono-laboratory equipment, books for the library, the implementation of the revised study program and the enrollment of 10 students in BA and 5 students in MA studies, organizing guest lectures, organizing seminars and workshops for teachers in preschools and elementary schools, elementary and music high schools and other high schools.Additional information you can find at: