About Faculty

About Faculty

For its future students Slobomir P University has prepared a quality degree programs in accordance with the Bologna process, designed to meet the requirements of of the modern labor market and business.

Fiscal academy

003_Poreska• Study Program Tax 180 ECTS
• Study Program Tax 240 ECTS

The Academy is structured in a way to give students at the beginning the necessary academic knowledge from economics, and also through training of tax and tax systems and questions of public finances enable them to gain basic and advanced knowledge and to enable student to become a tax professional. We think that a tax professional is a person who excellently knows the tax system of a country and has the ability to offer excellent solutions when it comes to concrete tax problems – the main goal of our academy is this profiling of students. The Academy took its place in the economy triangle Government – Business Subjects – Academy, where it deals with public and corporate tax aspect. That is why it is not strange that graduated students of the Tax Academy can expect their job in domestic and foreign private sector, but also in the state institutions (municipality, customs, tax administration).